I felt a strong inspirational pull to paint which led me on a mission where I found myself standing at the entrance of a store to where a future masterpiece would arise from.

I traveled many isles until I found just the right one, and alas I had come to find the one place that contained all the painting accessories ones heart could truly desire. That is where I found it! The oil paint, the canvas, the brushes…

Yes! Excitement filled me to the brim as I piled these items together in my arms and rushed off to the register to pay for my things.

I scurried home excited to paint, laid out everything on the table and began to let my hands do their work, and this is the story of how it commenced.

ᡶꫝꫀ ᠻỉ᭢ꪖꪶ ᩏỉꫀᨶꫀ
(from my instagram post)

I don’t paint. Just had the urge to so I did it. Not the best but I went with it and hopefully one day can create better work.

I loved how when painting, if it did not appear how I had planned; I didn’t recognize it as a mistake. Instead I went with the flow rather than against it. In art this is something great for me to be mindful of but in life this is a beautiful lesson.

This is just a reminder to try something new and leave your comfort zone. You may be a natural or you may have to keep practicing, but with effort you will figure it out 👌