I don't know why but white material seems to attract the color yellow overtime. It's not pretty. I don't use your everyday toxic cleaners and really don't want to start or become adjusted to it.

So, if you're anything like me and will do anything to avoid most toxins then maybe this post is for you and we can help each other out.

You see -- I have found a method that works pretty well but not completely. However, a pretty good pro is its relatively "hands-off" meaning pretty much no scrubbing.

These pictures are the "After" shots with emphasis on the parts that didn't thoroughly come out. This is just a shirt, my first experiment was an old bed sheet and I had great results!

Both this shirt and the bed sheet where significantly yellow, if it where not for the pretty white spots all around you'd think they came that color.

I intend to throw this shirt through a second cycle of my second soak method but this time with some scrubbing and see if I can remove the last yellow remnants!

(a few more washes and the yellow completely came out)

So now! Here's what you will need:

First soak:

  • White distilled vinegar
  • Salt
  • Lime or Lemon
  • A large pot

Squirt half a lime (I used this because I didn't have lemon) or lemon into the bottom of your pot. Add in a good bit of vinegar. I didn't measure so just eye it and when it rises a little from the bottom of the pot you should be good! Than shake some salt in there, I used regular table salt. Fill up the rest of the way with water and throw your yellow whites in there. Swish around a bit and then let soak, I let soak for around 4-6 hours roughly.

Then, wash and dry as usual. I don't know if the type of laundry detergent also makes a significant impact or not so let me know if this goes sideways for you and I'll share my detergent brand :)

For the shirt, I did a second soak but with this product. I poured about 6 tables spoons in a large pot and filled the rest of the way with water. Soaked for about 3 hours and then threw into the wash. The pictures above are the final after results!