Words are powerful. They can enlighten, harm and brighten.

It is important we focus on positive words and the reduction of negatives as we can harm ourself and others if we are not careful.

That is why the following is a GREAT experiment! You don't have to be a child to do this, and I encourage parents to participate in this activity. The best way to see the impact of our words is to gauge it for ourselves as an outside onlooker.

To begin: You will need a container, a quiet place, some fresh produce, a label and a marker.

Here's what you do: Take a piece of fruit or a handful of cooked rice and place it in a container. Make sure you replicate this identical method in another similar container.

Place both containers in a similar/exact environment, try to place in a place of little noise and best if away from sunlight.

Label one container "bad" and one container "good". Everyday you will pick up each container and speak the corresponding words of action.

For example: 'bad', "You look gross" and the like. For 'good': "you look beautiful" and the like. You will do each container separately while holding it up to your mouth.

Do this for 2-4 weeks and watch how the food transforms. Write an essay on your findings while also explaining the exact protocol you followed.

You can also watch others' do this on YouTube, but it is better to get interactive and hands-on with this activity for yourself. It is the best way to learn; in my opinion!If you complete this science activity - give yourself an "A" you deserve it.

Check out this video here to see it in action!