Here’s an exciting activity for you and your child(ren) to do together.

You will need: A pencil, journal and and access to books and/or a computer!

(Here is the perfect excuse to sign up for your local library if you haven’t already)

Our kids LOVE to come up with some of the oddest and interesting questions at random times like when we’re driving… and we don’t always know the answer to every little question they ask. So here’s what we started doing at home:

Every-time your child thinks up a question such as “How do we see color?” or just some off the wall question that makes us wonder how they come up with such questions (It truly is astounding). Have them write it in a journal and let them know you will revisit that question later with them and you both can learn something new together.

Your journal may be full by the end of the month with all the questions they harbor BUT it makes it THAT much more fun.

At the end of each week, have them pick a question or two from their list, take a trip to your library or to wherever your laptop is located and commence researching. Include some activities if you can to really connect with what they are learning. Adhere to the common senses such as sight, touch and sound.

This is also a great bonding activity.

However, this isn’t just an activity for kids — it’s a great one for adults as well.

I hope you love this idea and encourage you to implement it!